are u prepared for growth?



Strategic advisement on e.g.:
– Predictive modelling
– Marketing automation
– Yield management

Insights repository

Nurturing IP on e.g.:
– Customer segmentation
– Concept testing
– Intrinsic lead tracking


Supporting your business on e.g.:
– Strategy development
– Innovation management
– Business development

analytics translator

The critical role when embedding
data science and AI:


Highly effective due to a broad set of abilities, knowledge and experience.

A vast international experience of developing new business models and data-driven performance optimization in multinational and mid-cap companies.

Market experience:
■ Consumer Electronics
■ Telecommunications
■ Banking & Insurance
■ E-commerce
■ Energy

Business model experience:
■ Business to Consumer (B2C)
■ Business to Business (B2B)
■ Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C)

Expert at:
■ Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM)
■ Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
■ User Experience (UX)
■ Data Maturity
■ Marketing automation

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